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Take control of SRI communications

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To maximise the efficiency & effectiveness of their communications with SRI investors and analysts on sustainability issues, companies need three (or four) things:

  • The will to do it
  • A plan
  • Practical tools
  • (Possibly) external support

The will to do it

Our opening article sets out nine reasons why companies should communicate pro-actively with SRI investors, including SRI market size & growth, relevance to corporate strategy, mainstream interest etc.

A plan – the ‘10 Steps’

The 10 Steps plan outlined in this document should enable companies to:

  • halve the amount of time they spend on SRI and,
  • double their reach and effectiveness.

We offer this for free to:

  • companies to use directly and,
  • consultancies to use with their corporate clients.

Practical tools

SRI-CONNECT has online tools to support most aspects of this process.

  • Some of these are supplied ‘free-to-air’
  • Most are available within the registered user area (registration is free but only open to those with a professional exposure to SRI (CSR Heads / IR managers etc.)
  • Some (including a step-by-step spreadsheet for the ‘10 Steps’) are available to subscribed members only (Subscription costs company users and consultants £375 + VAT)

External support

Some companies will manage all of their own SRI communications in-house; others will involve external specialists.  For the latter group, we provide:

This paper should be read in conjunction with:

  • our SRI Primer report which contains a comprehensive overview of the SRI industry
  • our Ecology of SRI report which lists all significant players.

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Discussion points

The SRI-CONNECT discussion group, Take control of SRI communications, draws on the practical experience of investor relations executives and CSR/sustainability managers to answer the following questions:

  • How much time do you spend on SRI investor communications?  Is this increasing / decreasing?
  • Who should take the lead on SRI communications? Investor relations? Sustainability/CSR managers?
  • Do you have a formal timetable for SRI communications?  How often does your company aim to meet with investors in its own country? Its region? Other regions?
  • Which questionnaires do you prioritise? Why?
  • How often do you organise direct meetings with investors?
  • How much ‘mainstream’ investor interest have you experienced?
  • What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you in SRI?
  • Which aspects of SRI communications are least satisfactory?  What could be improved?
  • Any other questions? (SRI-C Editors will answer within 48 hrs)

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