SRI-CONNECT really isn't about us.  It’s about you, your needs and your industry engagement.

However, before using the platform, you may want to know something about who we are, what we understand about sustainable investment, what our motivation is and how our business operates.

With that in mind, here’s a quick introduction:

Over 10 years, SRI-CONNECT has been developed and run by an iterative network of experienced sustainable investors who share the belief that high-quality investment research and efficient communications between companies and investors and through the investment value chain will be critical contributors to the process of reallocating capital to deliver a sustainable economy.  The current team includes:

Mike Tyrrell, Editor

Connect with Mike

Mike Tyrrell has been a sustainable investment analyst for the past 30 years.

He started his career on the 'buy-side' at Jupiter Asset Management before moving to the 'sell-side' at HSBC Global Equities to establish the first SRI/ESG research capability on the ‘sell-side’ in Europe.  After this, he set up the global sustainable investment research capability at Citi Investment Research.

After leaving Citi in 2008, Mike set up as a communications platform to facilitate communication between investors, companies and research analysts and to enhance the flow and quality of investment research on sustainability and corporate governance issues.  With 6,000+ users globally, the platform has become one of the key pieces of infrastructure in the effective 

Fundamentally, Mike believes that:

  • rigorous sustainability analysis
  • conducted by intelligent individuals
  • embedded within ‘mainstream’ investment institutions and
  • supported by active and constructive dialogue between investors, companies and independently-minded research provider experts

... will lead to better investment outcomes for practitioners and a more sustainable society for everyone.

Guided by these principles and by a strong belief that sustainable investment will be stronger when everyone's analytical voice is heard, Mike now oversees a network of digital platforms that sit at the nexus of sustainable investment research and communications:

  • - to support sustainable investment research and communications
  • - to guide companies on best practice in communicating on sustainability
  • - to train investors (on integrating sustainbility factors into valuation) and companies (on effective sustainable investor communications)
  • - for market research on trends and developments in sustainable investment

Andy White, Research Editor

Connect with Andy

Andy White of guides and delivers much of the primary research content undertaken by SRI-Connect and curates SRI-Connect's Weekly Research Highlights email.

Andy worked for many of the now major sustainable investment research providers in their formative days and was involved with LAPFF campaigns on remuneration, the launch of the first CDP reports and Access to Medicine Index.

On the asset management side he built innovative sustainable investment strategies with HSBC, Credit Suisse, UBS, Barclays Global Investors and Societe Generale among others. More recently he developed a carbon neutral fund, green real estate fund and labour rights fund as Head of ESG Research at Groupe La Francaise, a large fund manager based in London and Paris.

Andy brings a breadth of experience from different parts of the value chain, an understanding of what sustainable investment research providers need and how they can leverage their knowledge and insights across different asset classes.

If you are a provider of sustainable investment research that wants to stand out - in an increasingly crowded marketplace - by virtue of the quality of your ideas and analysis, please get in touch with Andy today.

As well as helping your team build profile through research, he can also help your analytical teams with their own access to research and ideas, with their access to companies and with their training needs (whether on sustainability or 'mainstream' valuation).