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Building profile within the sustainable investment industry via SRI-Connect is easy.  Simply use the platform to do your job efficiently and encourage your colleagues to do the same.  We will do the rest.

Why does this work?

At SRI-Connect, we believe in high-quality sustainable investment research and efficient, direct communications between investors, research providers and companies.  So, we have built a platform to reward … with profile … anyone else in the industry that shares these objectives and executes on them.

How you can build industry profile

Start (and continue!) by:

What we will do to help
  • We will make it our business to ensure your work is distributed globally and that you receive profile based on your site engagement and...
  • We will report to you on the visibility that you and your colleagues achieve via regular Industry Profile Reports.  (Request an Industry Profile Report via here)

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... then become an SRI-Connect supporter for even greater profile

Or if you have a little money to spend and want to build your firm's visibility within our professional industry community, consider becoming an SRI-Connect supporter.  (Summary below.  Full details here).

Benefits to your firm

For each monthly supporter package purchased, your firm will receive:

  • Your logo on the side of SRI-Connect for four weeks
  • Distribution of your logo in the weekly research highlights email for four weeks
  • A 'Coverage Report' & 'Industry Profile Report' – to show you the visibility of your firm and team over time
  • Pro-active support from our research editors to ensure that any research or analytical op-ed that you produce is promptly found, assessed and distributed
Value for money
  • Monthly supporter package costs £1,200
  • Qtrly package (Discount: 10%) costs £3,240
  • Annual package (Discount: 25%) costs £10,800

(All + UK VAT where relevant)

Profile delivered (summary)
  • SRI-C members: 6,500+ (All are regularly checked for current professional exposure to ESG / sustainable investment. No general interest)
  • Weekly ‘Research Highlights’ email (Distribution to 5,600+ | Open rate: 22% | CTR: 4%)
  • Page views (per month) 14,395
For full details...

... download our Supporter Summary Sheet.

... or be our 'friend'

Not-for-profit research and service providers have and continue to make a huge contribution to the development of sustainable investment.  For this reason, we reserve one of our four monthly on-site 'supporter' profile slots for a not for profit.  If you work for a not-for-profit and would like to be featured, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..