Market Buzz is a peer-to-peer news channel that communicates ‘what’s happening now in sustainable investment and ESG.

It enables users to:

  • Publish research, reports, ideas and opinions on issues that interest them to an audience of like-minded individuals
  • Receive the same from others based on their specific research interests

It replicates, for sustainable investment and corporate governance, the flow of news, research, ideas, questions, sentiment and even gossip that circulates on the investment trading floors of the world.

Users are encouraged to post ideas in development and questions as well as notifications of published reports and links to useful articles.


Who sees buzzes that I post?

Your buzzes can only be seen by registered users of SRI-Connect = people with current professional exposure to sustainable investment or corporate governance.

They will primarily be highlighted (via their Dashboard and the weekly research round-up email) to users that are interested in the sector, issues or interests that you 'tag'.

Then, they can be found by any site user conducting a 'search' on relevant tags.

What should be 'buzzed'?
  • Sustainable investment or corporate governance research
  • Responsible investment activity reports (progress reports on what your firm has done in sustainable investment / corporate governance)
  • Commentary (ideas and opinion) on developments in sustainable investment and corporate governance industries
  • Jobs in sustainable investment or corporate governance
What should not be 'buzzed'?
  • Promotional literature about funds, indices, research products or services
  • 'News' (unless it is about research)
  • Calls to join engagement activity (there are other platforms for this)
  • Opinion without analysis
  • Content by other people / firms (encourage them to post it themselves)
Can I upload a document?

Not directly.  We would prefer that you add a link to the document on your own website.

Our job is to direct interest towards you; not to 'own' your content.

However, if want to distribute a .pdf that you cannot present in the way that you would like on your own website, send an email to Mike Tyrrell with an explicit request to post it and any conditions that you want to be applied to this posting.