SRI-CONNECT aims to provide SRI investors with improved access to the sustainability information that is increasingly defining the context for company and stock price performance; it is intended that SRI research analysts and portfolio managers will combine this broader and deeper sustainability information with specialist financial research to improve their investment decision-making.

However, the user base of SRI-CONNECT is broad (both globally and in respect of their investment expertise and qualification) and it is therefore not possible to ensure that appropriate investor protection is given to all users in all jurisdictions.

SRI-CONNECT, therefore:

  • Does not make standalone investment recommendations or give investment advice;
  • Does not carry the standalone investment recommendations or investment advice of others.

From this, it follows that:

  • Posters should not publish investment recommendations; and
  • Viewers should not infer investment recommendations either from information posted by SRI-CONNECT or from information posted by other users.