SRI Network is a ‘closed’ network by which we mean that all users must, before using it, confirm themselves, to the satisfaction of the SRI-CONNECT registration team, as having a direct, active and professional interest in the Sustainable and Responsible Investment industry.

It is, however, a broad network which contains:

  • Primarily, asset managers, listed companies, asset owners, investment consultants and SRI research providers
  • Secondarily, a wide range of other organisations with an interest in SRI (including professional associations, academic institutions, industry bodies. NGOs, trade unions and media organisations). These latter groups are permitted to join provided that they meet the criteria on professional exposure to SRI & the other terms below (See Appendices A & B for special provisions relating to campaign organisations and the media).

To maintain the relevance and quality of the site, users are required to:

  • Have their registration approved by the SRI-CONNECT team (as detailed below).
  • Demonstrate a bona-fide direct, professional and active involvement with the Sustainable and Responsible Investment industry.
  • Demonstrate a professional involvement with SRI (i.e. to prove that engagement with the SRI community is part of their professional responsibilities, as designated by their employer).
  • Use the site in a professional capacity and not for personal investment reasons (as detailed below).
  • Be at least 18 years of age and have full power and authority to register as a user of the SRI-CONNECT network.
  • Certify that they are not currently restricted, banned or otherwise prohibited from having a SRI-CONNECT user account.

Approval of registration

Upon registration, you must demonstrate to the SRI-CONNECT registration team that you have a direct, active & professional involvement in the SRI industry. To do this you will have to identify the organisation that you work for and highlight the responsibilities that bring you into contact with the SRI community.

Only after the registration team has verified your commitment to SRI will you be allowed to access the network. Although this may mean a short delay in your ability to access the site when registering, in this way we hope to demonstrate our commitment to preserving the integrity of the site.

If we have any reason to doubt that an individual seeking to register is serious about SRI or that his/her presence within the user community could destabilise what we are seeking to achieve, that individual will not be allowed to register.

If your request for registration is rejected then you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to determine the reason for that rejection and to provide further information to substantiate your eligibility.

Professional capacity

You are required to use the site in your ‘professional capacity’ and not for personal investment reasons.

For clarity we define ‘in a professional capacity’ and distinguish it from ‘in a personal capacity’ and ‘in an organisational capacity’ as follows:

  • In a professional capacity – means pursuant to the expectations of their job and in a manner appropriate to someone with their position and experience of the SRI industry
  • In a personal capacity – means out of personal interest or for private investment reasons
  • In an organisational capacity – means “as an official representative of their employer and its views”

Importantly, it must be understood that, when contributing to the site, users are expected to do so in a manner appropriate to their position and experience but NOT to represent the view of their employer.

As Posters are not obliged to contribute the views of their employer, viewers should therefore not assume that any user’s contribution to the site represents the views of that user’s employer.

If an individual user does wish to make the views of their employer known, they should be explicit about this in the body of their Content.

Users are not permitted to use the site for personal investment reasons (see the Investment Compliance section below).