The SRI-CONNECT website aims to:

  • facilitate communication between companies, investors & their advisors on sustainability issues
  • accelerate the inclusion of sustainability factors in 'mainstream' analysis & investment
  • double the impact of users' SRI activity while halving the time taken (a ‘Factor 4’ goal)

It does this by:

  • Creating an online market place where analysts and portfolio managers can come together with company executives and experts on different aspects of sustainable development to present themselves, to exchange views, to report on their progress and to listen to and learn from the experiences of others
  • Facilitating SRI communications processes that engage both parties in detailed and considered dialogue that leads to sustainable development becoming a fundamental part of investment decision-making.

It offers users four functions:

  • SRI Network - the connections centre of the SRI industry.
  • Market Buzz – peer-to-peer news channel highlighting 'what's happening now' in global SRI.
  • Directory – “Who's who” of SRI contains profiles of companies, individuals, funds & indices.
  • Info & comment - comprehensive and dynamic analysis of sustainable business and the SRI industry.

These all carry information and communications to support:

  • Sustainable investment analysis of sectors and companies
  • The development of SRI, its strategies, policies and markets

SRI Network

‘SRI Network’ is an important component of the SRI-CONNECT website and contains six tools to facilitate communication within the SRI industry: Profiles, Connections, Discussion Groups, Events, Blogs & Messaging.

The network enables deeper and more efficient communication between companies, investors and their advisors on sustainability issues and by facilitating the sharing of information and ideas enables sustainability factors to be integrated ever more quickly into 'mainstream' investment decision-making.

For full details on the site and its objectives see