To open an SRI-CONNECT account and create a profile, you must supply us with:

  • Basic Information, as described above
  • Contact Information – specifically your email address
  • Account information – specifically an account username and an account password
  • Evidence that you have a professional interest in SRI

You are also encouraged to add further information to your profile by supplying:

  • Personal and professional background
  • Interests information

This information enables us to customise the information that you receive through the site.


By creating an account and supplying personal information to SRI-CONNECT, you acknowledge that:

  • The information you provide is personal to you and that supplying information to SRI-CONNECT, including any information deemed ‘personal’ or ‘sensitive’ by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part
  • Other site users may identify you using this information on the grounds that SRI-CONNECT will display no more than your ‘Basic Information’ (name, role & employer) to ‘unregistered browsers’ of the site
  • The information you provide may reveal, or allow others to identify, your nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, location, or other aspects of your private or professional life
  • SRI-CONNECT may retain such data about you and process such information about you as enables it to fulfil the purpose of the site and to provide you with services through the site; you have the right to withdraw your consent to SRI-CONNECT’s collection and processing of your information at any time by closing your account, although your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive.
  • You expressly and voluntarily agree to the Conditions of Use outlined in this document

If you have any hesitation about providing information to us and/or having your information displayed on the SRI-CONNECT website or otherwise used in any manner permitted in these Conditions of Use, you should not become a member of the SRI-CONNECT community; if you are already a member, you should close your account.