In brief...

SRI-CONNECT has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to support skills and career development within SRI & corporate governance.  Specifically, the site can be used by industry participants to:

In detail...

Improve research skills and industry understanding

Developing the skills relevant to being an SRI investor will always require a combination of:

  • subject matter expertise and industry understanding
  • informal and formal learning
  • online and live engagement with others
  • reading and discussion

SRI-CONNECT provides opportunities in all areas

Also, the Swiss Sustainable Finance maintains a list of academic and practitioner courses covering SRI & wider sustainable finance.  Details can be found here:

Build personal profile

First of all, update your personal profile on the site with your interests and a photo.  The interests define how you are found via searches of the Directory … and no-one ever hired anyone with an avatar instead of a face.

There are three primary ways to develop your profile in the global SRI industry:

  • Online networking (connecting with individuals and contributing to the debate in discussion groups)
  • Being recognised by clients – and getting ranked in the widely-viewed annual IRRI Survey
  • Via face-to-face meetings at industry events

Network with peers and opinion leaders

Make ‘connections’ on SRI-CONNECT to people that you find interesting.

Use the Directory actively to find people who share your interests, are employed by firms or in countries that you would like to work in … and then ‘connect’ to them.  If you want ideas, take a look at The Directory’s Cut.

Learn about options

There are three ways to learn more about career options in SRI

  • by reading / engaging online (Buzz search for General - Skills & Careers, joining online discussions (Discussion Group: Skills, careers & jobs in SRI) and participating in events on the subject
  • by attending events on the subject
    • (Next SRI-CONNECT organised event: Skills & careers in SRI – October 2017 – precise date TBC)

Actively pursue new opportunities

The tools below help site uses actively pursue new opportunities in SRI & corporate governance: