This page lists the sustainable investment / ESG training courses that are currently offered.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are aware of others that you feel should be listed.

Training for investors and investment analysts


Understanding RI

By: PRI Academy | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Key principles of RI

Applied RI

By: PRI Academy | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Focused on incorporating ESG factors in investment decision-making

Advanced RI Analysis

By: PRI Academy | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Examines the use of sustainability data in stock valuation

RI for Trustees

By: PRI Academy | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Aspects of RI that are relevant to trustees

Certificate in ESG Investing

By: CFA Society UK | Via: Self-study | Link | Features: Level 4 qualification which delivers the skills required for investment professionals to integrate ESG factors into the investment process

Sustainable Finance

By: Rotterdam School of Management | Via: In Person | Link | Features: How finance can be used to increase businesses’ contribution to a sustainable economy

Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course

By: ICGN | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Theoretical, empirical and especially practical aspects of integrating ESG into investor and company decision-making

Certificate in Sustainable Investing and Finance

By: DVFA | Via: Class based + Webinars | Link | Features: Aims to introduce sustainable investment professionals into modern finance and investment practice

Sustainable Investing: An Introductory Course for Individual Investors

By: USSIF | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: The basics of sustainable investing and how to align your portfolios to address social and environmental priorities.

Fundamentals of Sustainable and Impact Investment

By: USSIF | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: The basics of sustainable, responsible and impact investment, and how to incorporate it into investment portfolios and client conversations

The Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC)

By: USSIF | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: The history, definitions, trends, portfolio construction principles, fiduciary responsibilities, and best practices for sustainable investments for finance professionals.

Sustainable Investing Training Course

By: IFF | Via: Web-based & option for classroom| Link | Features: How to identify, structure and finance lucrative sustainable impact investment

Certification on ESG Performance

By: sustainability ACADEMY | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: A certified course for Sustainability professionals who want to acquire the necessary practical skills to report to Investors

Fundamentals of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

By: Fitch | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Introductory course reviews the key motivations behind the increased awareness of ESG investing and the risks and challenges this presents.

ESG, Impact & Sustainable Investing

By: Euromoney | Via: Web-based | Link | Features: Discover sound (ESG) investing practices

ESG for Investment Managers

By: ESG Investing | Via: Class based | Link | Features: Examines all areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing from basic principles to how it can be incorporated in the investment process

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investment – An Overview

By: BPP | Via: Web based | Link | Features:The how and why it makes moral and financial sense to incorporate ESG factors into your investment portfolio, positively impacting human and natural resource sustainability

Responsible Investing: Summer course 

By: NNIP | Via: Web based | Link | Features: The impact Covid-19 has had on government, corporate and individual behaviour and how they will affect the future of responsible investing

Sustainable Investment Professional Certification

By: Concordia | Via: Web based | Link | Features: SIPC provides finance and corporate professionals with a new set of investment and risk management skills to take account of the rapidly changing sustainable investment world.

Sustainable IR

By: IR Society | Via: Web based | Link | Features: Explores practical approaches to some of the more common ethical issues encountered in investor relations.

Sustainable Investments in a Changing World

By: SSF| Via: Web based | Link | Features: Four modules tailored to finance professionals to aid capacity building in sustainable finance to advance investments in more sustainable products.

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Finance

By: HEG Geneva | Via: Web based | Link | Features: Designed to assist finance professionals seize growing opportunities offered by responsible investment.

CESGA - Certified ESG Analyst

By: AZEK | Via: Web based | Link | Features: Helps understand the complex interplay between sustainable and financial factors and their integration into the investment process e.g. ESG impacts on risk and return