Trying to find an accurate list of which sustainability funds hold the stock of a particular company is an extremely time-consuming task.  Combing the full shareholder register is a lengthy process – particularly if there is no single comprehensive list of sustainability funds to check against.  Furthermore this exercise will inevitably exclude those investors that are interested in sustainability performance from a governance/engagement or from an integrated analysis perspective.

A rough & ready fix

We question whether it is worth companies spending time on achieving precision on this point.

Instead, SRI-CONNECT has developed a simpler system that allows fund managers to register the major holdings within their funds.  These can be searched by companies through SRI-CONNECT’s Stock Interest Search.

This does not pretend to be comprehensive or regularly updated, but it does enable companies to gain, at the click of a mouse, a rough indication of SRI fund interest in their company – and then to link through from that to the investment institution and individual decision-makers within that institution.