Most investor relations departments maintain an ‘Investor Register’.  This typically details which institutions and funds hold their shares.  IR teams will also know:

  • which sell-side analysts cover their stock
  • with whom they have communicated recently.

The register will typically be kept up-to-date on a rolling basis and refreshed formally once a year.

Few (if any) companies maintain a similar record of their SRI exposure and activity.  As a result, companies’ communications with investors on sustainability issues tends to be much less efficient.

What is a ‘Register of SRI interest’?

A ‘Register of SRI interest’ is, as its name suggests, a record of all SRI engagement by an individual company.  Ideally, it should be divided into three parts:

  • Investors and analysts (contacts)
  • Research & ratings
  • Funds & indices

On the following pages we describe:

Simple model

A simple model for creating a Register of SRI interest is set out in the [10 Steps spreadsheet] which can be downloaded by subscribed members of SRI-CONNECT.