Most companies develop, each year, a basic plan for their investor communications.  This is called, as one might expect: an IR Plan.

Although these can vary in their level of detail and sophistication, they usually contain:

  • the salient points of the investor communications process for the year
    • (including dates of results presentations, target markets, roadshow plans etc.)
  • the key messages to be communicated

Very few companies, however, have a parallel plan (an SR-IR plan) to cover their activity with SRI investors.  Such activity therefore tends to be ad hoc, reactive and inefficient.

An SR-IR plan

An SR-IR plan should dovetail with the IR plan and it should include:

The plan should take account of Key SRI dates and Sector roadshow periods and, very importantly, the plan should be published.

To help companies visualise this, we publish a sample SRI activity schedule.