To maximise the efficiency of their ongoing communications with SRI analysts and investors, companies should publish the direct contact details of employees with lead responsibility for SRI communications.

This creates reference points for investors and analysts and will ensure that all incoming requests are efficiently channelled and receive sufficient IR oversight.


We recommend that responsibility for SRI communication is shared between:

  • The Head of CSR/Sustainability
  • A member of the investor relations department (not necessarily the team head)

These contact details should be published in four places:

  • On the sustainability pages of the company’s website
  • In the company’s sustainability report
  • On the investor relations pages of the company’s website
  • Within the company’s SRI-CONNECT Profile (on the tab: SRI Engagement)

The advantage of using the SRI-CONNECT to publish these details is threefold:

  • Registering with the site automatically links the individual to the company
  • Access to contact information is limited to those with a direct professional exposure to SRI investment (unlike publishing on the company’s website)
  • Investors and analyst can make direct contact via the site’s messaging facility