SRI-Connect is free to join and use and will always remain so.  So, in the interests of transparency, here's how we keep the show on the road.


It's amazing how much you can achieve if you keep your costs low and your activities targeted.  We prioritise the expertise of our team over fancy offices and we don't pay ourselves much.

A generous funder

The recent rebuild of SRI-Connect together with a number of contributory projects were funded by the Finance Hub of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of the Moulding Markets programme.

Some selected revenue

Then, we earn our revenues from carefully selected sources - where the selection criteria are that nothing must compromise our ability to be wholly impartial editors of SRI-Connect.  These include:

  • Training - through our work with Sustainable Investment Training Associates
  • Best practice in sustainable investor relations - via
  • Market research - through our IRRI partnership with Institutional Investor and through bespoke consultancy projects - such as recent work for the European Commission
  • Research into sustainability in instrinsic valuation and best practice in sustainable investor relations - funded by the WBCSD under the Building Bridges programme