SRI-CONNECT is one of the largest global networks for sustainable investment and corporate governance.  Investors and analysts that engage with each other and with listed companies via the site build a reputation in the global community for a sophisticated investment-orientated approach to SRI & corporate governance.

In brief…

SRI-CONNECT helps headhunters deliver value to their clients by:

Headhunters upgrade to subscribe here in order to improve:

  • their profile in the global SRI & CG industry
  • their accesss to the industry, its individuals and their ideas

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In detail…

What headhunters need to deliver...

Headhunters need to understand the emerging markets for SRI & corporate governance, to understand their clients' resourcing needs and to identify candidates that can fulfil these needs.

How SRI-CONNECT helps...

We describe below how SRI-CONNECT helps headhunters to meet these objectives and deliver value to their clients:

Stimulating market demand for headhunters

Recruitment in SRI has traditionally been undertaken on an informal ‘whom you know, whom your contacts know’ basis.  This has worked in the past but will not work for the larger, more professional industry that SRI has become.

In future, the SRI industry will need to conduct its search for key executives in a more professional and structured manner.  Doing so will, we believe mutually benefit employers, employees and the wider industry.

SRI-CONNECT has (see below) and will continue to advocate for this – thereby creating the context within which headhunters can grow their business.  (We will not, however, do this unconditionally.  Headhunters will need to demonstrate that they can deliver the added value that we believe the industry needs.)

Here are some examples of our past commentary on this subject:

Developing profile for headhunters

Upon registration with SRI-CONNECT, you will be added to this list of (individual) headhunters engaged in SRI / CG.  Your firm should also appear on this list of headhunters and their capabilities.  These listings are regularly promoted to the SRI-CONNECT community.

You should also take control of your firm’s profile and edit it via here to advertise your capabilities in this area.

Identifying managers needing search services

Most of the global SRI industry including almost all of the industry’s leaders are registered users of SRI-CONNECT.  Through active participation in the community and engagement with these leaders, headhunters can stay in contact with the budget-holders in SRI & CG research and support them when these managers need to build capacity.

(Note: you cannot use SRI-CONNECT to ‘sell’ services directly – but you can ‘connect’ and engage via the blogposts that you write and discussions that pursue.)

Supplying candidates

SRI-CONNECT provides the following tools to help headhunters efficiently identify the most suitable candidates from the widest global pool:

  • The Directory
  • The IRRI Survey
  • A jobs board.


The SRI-CONNECT Directory is a listing of <?php $db =& JFactory::getDBO();$sql_query = "";$sql_query = "SELECT Count( AS Total";$sql_query .= " FROM #__users AS u LEFT JOIN #__comprofiler AS c ON = c.user_id";$sql_query .= " WHERE u.block=0 AND u.gid IN (18,19,20,21,22,23) AND c.cb_sricorg=0 AND c.approved=1 AND c.confirmed=1 AND c.cb_active = 1;";$db->setQuery($sql_query);$result = number_format($db->loadResult());echo $result;?> individuals within the global SRI & CG industry and is searchable by geography, role, specialisms and interests.

It is an essential tool for headhunters who want to include the whole scope of potential candidates in their search and also be able to refine this breadth quickly based on the desirable characteristics of candidates.

IRRI survey

The annual IRRI Survey (2017 results here) enables headhunters to understand emerging trends and needs in the market and to identify the best analysts and salespeople in the industry … as rated by their peers and customers.

Jobs board

SRI-CONNECT maintains a widely used Jobs Board with new positions advertised to a list of <?php echo $result; ?> interested individuals every week.  To advertise a position that you are recruiting for simply post the details in Market Buzz here or enter the details of any job you wish to advertise here.

Understanding the industry

SRI-CONNECT provides a ‘window on the world of SRI in practice’ and therefore enables headhunters to understand the latest trends and needs within SRI and corporate governance – which is, of course, essential both to winning and executing mandates successfully.