Four things are needed to drive sustainable investment forward and enable the integration of sustainability with mainstream investment decision-making:

  • Better data
  • A credible concept for and the execution of investor 'stewardship'
  • Better research
  • Better relationships between the different participants in the industry

Hundreds of people and much money are being deployed to supply data to the SRI industry and to deliver stewardship.

Our differentiators

SRI-CONNECT (comprising two people with little money) enables better research and better relationships by:

  • Creating an online market place where analysts and portfolio managers can come together with company executives and experts on different aspects of sustainable development to present themselves, to exchange views, to report on their progress and to listen to and learn from the experiences of others
  • Facilitating SRI/ESG communications processes that reach far beyond the inadequacies of CSR reports, questionnaires and investor initiatives to engage both parties in detailed and considered dialogue that leads to sustainable development becoming a fundamental part of investment decision-making.
  • Combining
    • the growing will to tackle climate change and create the conditions for sustainable development with
    • the need to position financial services around new concepts of simplicity, trust and transparency and
    • the collaborative capabilities of digital media

Through these, we are catalysing a rapid acceleration in the way sustainability factors are incorporated into ‘mainstream’ investment analysis, into capital allocation and into company behaviour.