SRI-CONNECT is one of the largest global networks for sustainable investment and corporate governance.  Investors and analysts that engage with each other and with listed companies via the site build a reputation in the global community for a sophisticated investment-orientated approach to SRI & corporate governance.

In brief...

SRI-CONNECT helps asset managers deliver value to their clients by:

This can largely be done for free using the tools and features available on the platform.

Tips for doing this effectively can be [found here].

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In detail...

What asset managers need to deliver...

Asset managers aim to deliver sustainable outperformance and display responsible ownership to their clients.  To do this, they typically need to:

How SRI-CONNECT helps...

We describe below how SRI-CONNECT helps asset managers to meet these objectives and deliver value to their clients:

Research Access & Efficient Resourcing

Traditionally, asset managers have sourced SRI & CG research from one or two ratings providers, supplemented this with in-house analysis and ad hoc research from brokers before bolting it onto their financial analysis and portfolio management processes.

  • This has worked for cosmetic engagement activities and basic screening purposes.
  • It will not work for strategic engagement or integrated investment analysis.

Client interest, cost pressures and demand for quality now mean that more sophisticated asset managers need:

  • to select, combine & use different research resources effectively
  • so that they receive a flow of high-quality, in-depth research from a diverse range of sources
  • that presents robust and challenging investment ideas
  • that are focussed on their specific needs and those of their financial analyst and PM colleagues.

Ultimately, this requires asset managers to set their own research agenda, to take control of their research budget and to manage pro-actively the interplay between diversity and focus.

SRI-CONNECT is explicitly designed to help analysts & PMs manage their research resources:

  • Market Buzz enables analysts and PMs to tailor the flow of research that they receive to match their interests and to come from the most interesting analysts
  • Research Market enables asset managers to tender, commission and buy research (over-the-counter or by subscription) that is precisely matched to their needs at appropriate prices
  • Interest clusters enable asset managers to track developments across asset classes, themes and markets

To take advantage of these services, analysts and portfolio managers should:

  • Update their personal profiles so that the site and its other  users recognise their interests
  • Connect to people in the industry who write the most insightful research
  • Use the research market to buy research (whether subscription services or individual pieces) to ensure that  the competitive global SRI research market works to your advantage
  • Ensure that 5% – 10% of your annual research budget is available to be used for (non-subscription) bespoke and over-the-counter research purchase
  • Update your organisational profile to disclose what research you require and how you pay for it

Corporate Access

As described above, asset managers are moving beyond ‘cosmetic’ towards ‘strategic’ engagement and beyond screening towards integrated investment analysis.

Inefficient access to the junior CSR manager who completes questionnaires no longer works.  Nor does sporadic access to the board.

Instead, SRI & CG analysts and PMs now need regular efficient access to strategic decision-makers within companies.  And, they need these people to be prepared to discuss the investment materiality of sustainability issues.

  • SRI-CONNECT has > 700 company users; in time, we aim to attract > 3,000
  • We improve the quality of corporate access by briefing companies extensively on how to shape sustainability messages around investment materiality
  • We improve the efficiency of corporate access by encouraging companies to be organised and pro-active in reaching out to SRI analysts and portfolio managers – rather than waiting for them to get in touch.
  • Shifting the responsibility for outreach from investor to company will:
    • Save time for the companies – who can manage all of their SRI communications in one efficient process
    • Save time for the asset managers – who no longer have to do all of the running

To take advantage of these capabilities, analysts & PMs should make their interest in individual companies clear by:

Professional Profile

SRI analysts and portfolio managers typically need to raise the profile of their SRI activity with two audiences:

  • With clients and potential clients
  • With the professional SRI community - the better you and your needs are understood by peers, suppliers and partners; the more efficiently and effectively these needs can be met.

For clients and potential clients: A number of institutional asset owners, investment consultants and financial advisors use SRI-CONNECT; we aim to attract more; profile on the site therefore translates into profile in front of a self-selecting and engaged potential client base

Professional SRI community: The various posting options enable asset managers to showcase their research capabilities and strategic understanding of the SRI market and to influence the direction of SRI.  (Showcase research: Post quick buzz here | Shape market opinion: Post blog here)

To take advantage of these services, analysts & PMs should:


Advertise and view jobs | Vote & be voted for in the IRRI survey | Host & attend events | Understand the fundamentals & market dynamics of SRI | Meet others in the market ...| Trend tracking around interest clusters (asset classes, markets & interest areas) and much more...