We hope our website is intuitive to use. If not please let us know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will improve it.

In the meantime, the following tips and tricks might help

How to share research, reports, ideas or job posts

In Market Buzz, select the most appropriate of:

(Although it doesn't really matter which of these you choose - they all go through the same process) 

Add title and text and a link to further information on your website.  Then don't forget to tag it ... because that's what determines who sees it.

How to tag on SRI-CONNECT

Tagging is critical. Tag your buzzes to ensure that they reach all users in the industry that are interested in the companies, sectors or issues that you have written about.

Tags are divided into five groups:

  • Sectors ... corresponding to the stockmarket sectors of the companies being written about
  • Sustainability issues ... organised into: Climate change, Environmental, Social, Economic, Corporate Governance and Ethical
  • SRI interests - with sublists for asset classes, communications practice,  research value chain, investor types, investment process and investment strategies 
  • Companies - the listed companies that the research / report covers
  • Authors - the organisation that wrote the piece.

Only 'tag' a post with a tag if that post (report) is ABOUT that sector, issue, company etc.  If it merely has some relevance for a sector, company etc, don't add a tag.  We'll have to take it off.

Tips for companies

How companies can use SRI-Connect to maximise the efficiency of their sustainable investor communications

Where to find us

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