SRI-CONNECT is an online global marketplace for SRI research and a meeting point for companies, investors and their respective advisors.  It provides practical research resources and communications channels to accelerate the inclusion of sustainability factors in 'mainstream' analysis & investment.  Companies that engage via this network increase the efficiency and reach of their communications to sustainable & responsible investors.

In brief...

SRI-CONNECT enables companies to double the impact of their investor communications on sustainability while halving the time that these take.  The way to do this is outlined in the free presentation & report on how companies can Take control of SRI communications.  (Registration is required to read the report, but this is free and only takes 2 mins.  Register here)

In detail...

Specifically, SRI-CONNECT enables companies to:

  • Understand how SRI operates, which issues analysts are interested in and how to communicate with this growing, global investor base
  • Compare best practice with their peers on SRI communications
  • Publish their sustainability information in a highly-targeted and time-efficient manner to analysts that are interested in it
  • Identify the level of SRI interest of their largest shareholders & of the analysts that cover their stock
  • Contribute to a better understanding by the SRI community of the way sustainability issues affect their industry
  • See what is being written about them by SRI analysts and the wider research community
  • Communicate directly with the SRI community and, where relevant, access the best resources to help them execute these communications (sell-side, SIF, consultancy etc.)

20% of the site’s value is free-to-air; 40% requires registration (only available to those with a professional exposure to sustainable investment); 40% requires a modest subscription (which costs less than one day at a conference!)