SRI-CONNECT is one of the largest global networks for sustainable investment and corporate governance.  Investors and analysts that engage with each other and with listed companies via the site build a reputation in the global community for a sophisticated investment-orientated approach to SRI & corporate governance.

In brief …

SRI-CONNECT helps SIFs deliver value to their members by:

In detail …

What SIFs need to deliver...

SIFs typically aim to be experts on their local market, to raise the profile of sustainable and responsible investment within it, to lobby for regulatory and fiscal frameworks that support SRI and to deliver information and networking services to their members.


We describe below how SRI-CONNECT helps SIFs to meet these objectives and deliver value to their members:

Raise the profile of your SIF and activity – locally and globally

Posting to SRI-CONNECT’s Market Buzz enables SIFs to advertise their reports and events to the industry with the dual effect of:

  • Acting as a second channel of communications to your members and to potential members within your region and
  • Highlighting your activity to the global SRI/CG community outside your home market – thereby cementing your reputation as the ‘go to’ contact for expertise on your chosen market

See posts by SIFs

Further, if SIFs want to demonstrate the energy of their domestic market, they can also encourage their institutional investor members to post to Market Buzz.

Add ‘online & global’ networking to ‘live and local’ activity

Online networking is a perfect complement to ‘live and local’ networking – as it keeps contact current and discussions alive between ‘in person’ meetings and events.  ‘Connecting’ to key contacts within their membership and joining discussions about market trends are an easy way for SIFs to stay visible with and relevant to their members.

To make it easier for SIFs to build their networks, we have built Market Cluster pages for each market to gather key contacts, critical research and discussion points.  The relevant SIF executives are highlighted at the top of each ‘Market Cluster’ page.

Track industry research and opinion

To track industry research and opinion, SIF executives can:

  • Update their profiles to ensure that the most relevant research and opinion pieces are selected for your weekly research highlights email and use the buzz search facility to select topics to explore
  • Read the (somewhat old but still highly relevant) discussion documents on SRI Dynamics.  Also, search the buzz for subjects in their areas of SRI interest.
  • Join some of these discussion groups
  • Watch the SRI Diary (for major events), Events page (for events currently being advertised) and Market Buzz and the weekly email for other events of relevance to them
Extend your profile internationally

As well as posting details of published research and of events, SIFs can further inform and influence the global SRI community by writing material specifically for SRI-CONNECT.  Recognising that SIFs are often time and resource-constrained, we developed the concepts of ‘bullet briefs’ to enable SIFs to share their existing expertise with the global SRI & CG community.  (What is a ‘bullet brief)

First steps...

In addition to the first steps for everyone outlined here, SIF executives should specifically: