Moulding Markets is a programme of capital market interventions that aim to

  • Identify DEMAND for investment research on the food & fibre transition
  • Identify the SUPPLY of such research
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the pipeline between the two

Funded by The Finance Hub of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Conservation and Financial Markets Initiative (CFMI), the programme will:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sustainable investment value chain, and
  • Enable it to blend with the ‘mainstream’ investment value chain
  • Amplify fivefold the volume with which tropical deforestation, marine depletion and (un)sustainable agriculture are debated within the sustainable investment value chain
  • Increase ‘mainstream’ investment debate on such issues in a way that causes capital to flow from ‘bad’ to ‘good’

Asset managers...

... that wish to take advantage of this fully-funded programme should:

Research providers...

... that wish to take advantage of the programme should:

  • Ensure that all analysts or portfolio managers in their team have registered with SRI-CONNECT and updated their profiles to reflect the sectors and issues that they are interested in
  • Contribute research on these themes actively:
    • To SRI-CONNECT's Market Buzz
    • To the Morning Meetings series that actively promote the best research to sustainable investors globally
    • When we commission research from the market on these themes
  • Review the fully programme of interventions below and registered for those that might help you

Planned interventions

The interventions that will be delivered in 2020 and 2021 are:

Outcome 1: Map and guide investor interest towards CFMI issues
  • Quantitatively track level of investor interest in CFMI sectors and issues 
  • Map CFMI issue 'coverage' of investors and analysts globally 
  • Produce a videomap & presentation of CFMI issue coverage
  • Benchmark AMs' reported activity on CFMI issues
  • Publish State of the Research Market analysis for asset managers 
  • Publish guidance to asset managers on budgeting for sustainable investment research
Outcome 2: Train and equip investors to access and use better sustainability research
  • Training for ESG analysts and financial analysts 
  • Expand IRRI Survey coverage and distribution 
  • Upgrade SRI-CONNECT portal to increase user interface and traffic
Outcome 3: Incentivise and direct the flow of CFMI-issue based research
  • Commission 6 pieces of research on CFMI issues 
  • Stimulate and chair / curate a series of online discussions on CFMI issues 
  • Organize 8 analyst webcasts on CFMI issues
  • Actively market all of this 'content' to target analysts and investors worldwide 
  • Develop full-time sales-oriented capacity to 'push' CFMI research to the buy-side
  • Incentivise and guide ESG ratings agencies to produce CFMI issue-focused research
  • Incentivise and guide sell-side brokers to produce CFMI issue-focused research     
  • Incentivise and guide credit ratings agencies to produce CFMI issue-focused research
  • Train grant-funded sustainable investment research providers on how to market effectively to asset managers