Asset managers should be one of the principal beneficiaries of SRI-CONNECT’s Factor Four objective of enabling them to achieve twice as much SRI activity in half the time. In particular, they are likely to use the following to:

Market Buzz & Research
  • Receive news, research and reports from companies, SRI research providers and others – also notifications of discussions, events and blogs – all filtered to their own specific interests
  • Search the SRI-CONNECT database for research and reports
  • Channel their own news, research, ideas and questions to SRI industry participants with mutual interests
Directory, network & discussion
  • Find and filter profiles to identify relevant research providers, contacts at companies, analysts at research providers and experts at other organisations
  • Present themselves and their investment relevant activities clearly to the SRI marketplace
  • Discuss issues of mutual interest with investors, analysts and companies
    Build and manage their own SRI network via the groups, events and messaging functions


Build profile, distribute research, share ideas

Asset Managers can:

Learn & interact

Asset managers can:


... and like all members of the network, they can: