Policy and research organisations are likely to use the following services from SRI-CONNECT:

Market Buzz
  • Receive news, research and reports from companies, SRI research providers and others – also notifications of discussions, events and blogs – all filtered to their own specific interests
  • Search the SRI-CONNECT database for research and reports
  • Channel their own news, research, ideas and questions to SRI industry participants with mutual interests
  • Find and filter profiles to identify investors, companies and SRI industry participants with mutual interests
SRI Network
  • Present themselves, their research capabilities, their current activities and areas of focus to the SRI marketplace
  • Discuss issues of mutual interest with investors and companies
  • Conduct research and exchange ideas via discussion fora
  • Organise investor briefing events
  • Build and manage their own SRI network via the groups, events and messaging functions

Build profile, distribute research, share ideas

Policy & research  orgs can:

Learn & interact

Policy & research orgs can:


... and like all members of the network, they can:


These special conditions govern the access of NGOs to SRI-Connect