SRI-CONNECT tries to strikes a careful balance between:

  • being a discrete and private practitioner-only community and
  • giving senior academics a window into professional practice within the SRI industry and corporate governance world.

We therefore apply the following cut-off points to academics that are allowed to join SRI-CONNECT

  • We welcome onto SRI-CONNECT, professional academics undertaking post-doctoral research (in other words beyond PhD level).
  • We cannot allow Phd students, masters students or those at an earlier stage of academic research to join - unless under the conditions below.


Academics working towards a PhD may be given access provided that they can meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • They are studying within a university department that is recognised as working on sustainable investment or corporate governance issues
  • They submit a reference from their academic supervisor (who must also be registered with SRI-CONNECT) confirming that they will use the site in good faith to pursue a relevant academic interest
  • They apply using a university-supplied email address (rather than gmail, hotmail email domain etc.)

Such academics must also confirm that they understand that:

  • SRI-CONNECT is an investment research community whose participants are professional practitioners that use the site to publish and access research about the sustainability and corporate governance and to make contact with each other
  • That they will use the site, at all times, as if they were employed by a major institutional investment firm and engage with other members of the community as if applying the reputational and professional considerations that would be expected from such a position
  • That the site must not be used to solicit employment nor to survey or solicit the views of site members for the purposes of academic research


Any questions should be directed by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.