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11919 Investment Counsel
227Four Investment Managers
33 Banken-Generali Investment
33i (Private Equity)
557 Stars LLC
N88a+ Investimenti SRG
AABF Capital Management
NAABN Amro Private Banking
AACA Equity Partners
NAADM Capital
NAAI Capital Advisors
AAIB Investment Managers
AAIM Investments
AALAMCO (Asahi Life Asset Management)
AALKEN Asset Management
AAMB Generali Group
NAAMI Asset Management Corp.
AAMP Capital
AAPG Investments
NAAQR Capital Management
NAARC Fiduciary
AARCA Capital
AARK Investment Advisors
AASN Impact Investors
AATP - Investments
AAXA Framlington Investment Management
NAAabar Investments PJS
AAberforth Partners
AAcadian Asset Management
AAchmea Investment Management
AActive Ownership
AAdams Street Partners
NAAdaxia Capital Partners
AAddenda Capital
AAdelphi Capital
NAAditya Birla Financial Services
AAdvance Asset Management
AAdvanced Investment Partners
AAdvantage Asset Managers
NAAdvent International
NAAdviser Investments
Aegon Asset ManagementAegon Asset Management
AAeltus Investment Management
AAerion Fund Management
NAAffiliated Managers Group
NAAffirmative Investment Management
NAAfinishay Capital
NAAfricInvest Group
AAgilis Gestion
NAAgincourt Capital Management, L.L.C.
NAAgro-Ecological Investment Management
AAker Horizons
AAko Capital
NAAlanda Capital Management Limited
AAlbright Capital Management
AAlcyone Finance
AAlecta Investment Management
AAlfred Berg (Asset Management)
AAlger Funds
NAAlignment Asset Management
NAAlkimis SGR
NAAllan Gray
AAlliance Capital
AAllianz Asset Management
Allianz Global InvestorsAllianz Global Investors
AAllspring Global Investments
AAlma Angels
AAloe Private Equity
NAAlp Invest
NAAlpha Leonis Partners AG
AAlphinity Investment Management
Alquity Investment Management LimitedAlquity Investment Management Limited
NAAltas Partners
AAlter Equity
NAAltera Vastgoed
NAAlternative Bank Schweiz
AAltima Partners
NAAltis Investment Management AG
NAAltius Asset Management
AAltivie Asset Management
AAmBank Investments
AAmbienta SGR SpA
AAmerican Century
AAmis Funds
AAmpega Gerling Investment
AAmpere Capital
NAAnalytic Investors
AAndurand Capital
AAngel Capital Association
AAngeles Investments
NAAnthilia Capital Partners
AAnthos Fund & Asset Management
NAAperio Group
AApollo Global Management Inc.
NAApollo Management
Appleseed CapitalAppleseed Capital
NAAquidneck Partners
NAAquila Capital
NAAquiline Capital Partners
NAAquillian Investments
AArab-African International Bank
Arabesque Asset Management LtdArabesque Asset Management Ltd
AArdevora Asset Management LLP
AArdsley Partners
AAres Management Corporation
NAArgos Soditic
AAriel Investments
NAArisaig Partners
NAArk Alternative Advisors
AArkX Investment Management
NAArkea Investment Services
AAroundtown Management NL
NAArrowstreet Capital
AArtemis Investment Management
AArtio Global Management
AArtis Capital Management
AArtisan Partners
NAAsante Capital Group
AAshmore Investment Management Group
AAsper Investment Management
NAAssenagon Asset Management
AAsset Allocation Advisors
NAAsset Management One Co., Ltd.
NAAssiniboine Credit Union
NAAsteria Investment Managers
AAstra Investments
NAAtlanta Capital Management
AAtom Funds Management
AAtonRâ Partners
AAtrato Group
AAusbil Investments
AAustralian Ethical Investment
NAAventa Capital
Aviva InvestorsAviva Investors
AAvoca Capital
AAxa Investment Managers
AAxiom Alternative Investments
AAxiom International Investors
AAxiom Property Funds
NAAxxon Group
AAzzad Asset Management
BBAE Systems Pension Fund
NBBB Gestão de Recursos DTVM
BBBGI Global Infrastructure SA
NBBBR Partners
BBBVA Asset Management
NBBDC Venture Capital
BBDF Management
BBFT Investment Managers (Amundi)
NBBLS Capital
BBMO Global Asset Management
NBBMO Real Estate Partners
BBNG Capital Management
BBNL Gestioni
BBNP Paribas Asset Management
BBNP Paribas Wealth Management
NBBNY Mellon Investment Management
BBP Investment Management
BBRW Finanz
BBSI Asset Management
BBT Investment Management
NBBTG Pactual (Asset Manager)
BBWD Rensburg
BBZ WBK AIB Asset Management SA
NBBailard, Inc.
BBaillie Gifford & Co
BBain Capital
NBBaldwin Brothers Inc
NBBaloise Asset Management
BBalyasny Asset Management
BBanca IMI
NBBanca d'Italia Asset Management
BBanco Pastor
BBanco Sabadell Asset Management
NBBank Austria Real Invest
BBank Delen
Bank J. Safra SarasinBank J. Safra Sarasin
BBank für Kirche und Caritas
BBank of America Private Bank
BBank of Ireland Investment Markets
BBankers Almanac
NBBanque Cantonale de Genève
BBanque D'Orsay
BBanque Fiduciary Trust
BBanque Hottinguer
BBanque Syz
BBanque de Financement et de Trésorerie
NBBanque de Luxembourg Investments
NBBarclays Stockbrokers
BBarclays Wealth Management
BBaring Private Equity Partners
BBarings Asset Management
BBaron Capital
NBBarrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss
NBBasellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
NBBasler Kantonalbank
NBBateson Asset Management
NBBayern LB Asset Management
NBBean Tree Capital
BBelfer Management
BBelfius Investment Partners
NBBell Asset Management
BBenchmark Asset Managers
NBBentall Kennedy
BBentall Limited Partnership
BBerenberg Bank (Asset Management)
NBBerner Kantonalbank
BBessemer Venture Partners
NBBestinver Asset Management
NBBethmann Bank
NBBeutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
NBBig Path Capital
BBipiemme Gestioni SGR
BBlack Emerald
BBlack River Asset Management
BBlackRock (Investment Management)
BBlackfinch Group
BBlackstone Credit
NBBlenheim Investments