An industry benefits when open channels of communication exist between industry practitioners and the academics studying the industry.

SRI-CONNECT wishes to encourage this by:

  • Giving senior academics a window on the world of SRI in practice and by
  • Raising the awareness of industry practitioners of the academic research written about their work
  • Ensuring that both can contact each other easily

To support this, SRI-CONNECT:

Please do contact Mike Tyrrell if you have suggestions about how SRI-CONNECT might usefully support a constructive dynamic between academics and practitioners.

(Note: We focus our scope of interest on academics and research that is directly interested in SRI & corporate governance within listed equities, fixed income, private equity, venture capital, infrastructure or, at pinch, real estate investment.  It would be counter-productive to include academics with wider interests in sustainable development or even sustainable finance more broadly).

Academics with an interest in SRI

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