How SIFs create value

National and regional sustainable investment fora provide essential support to the sustainable investment industry as hubs of expertise on their home markets, in the development of community and capacity locally, in raising the profile of sustainable and responsible investment, in lobbying for regulatory and fiscal frameworks that support sustainable investment and in delivering information and networking services to their members.

How SRI-Connect can help

SRI-Connect aims to help SIFs by enabling them to connect easily with a broader global audience of sustainable investors to learn from global practice and to share their own expertise.

We encourage all SIF executives to:

In particular, we hope that SRI-Connect can be – for SIFs:

  • A second channel of communications to their existing members and to potential members within their domestic market
  • An easy way of reaching international colleagues (of local members).
    • (Whereas SIFs are usually national, their investment firm members are often global with decision-makers outside the SIFs own market)
  • A useful complement to ‘live and local’ networking by supporting discussion between ‘in person’ meetings and events and internationalising this.