Over the past ten years the breadth and depth of SRI/ESG-related services provided by consultants has grown and now encompasses the following:

A list of consultants with explicit SRI / ESG capabilities can be accessed here and a spreadsheet that cross-references consultants with capabilities and geographic markets can be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Services for asset owners / institutional investors

  • Training and awareness raising
  • SRI investment policy & strategy development
  • Implementation support (investment policy)
  • Manager / fund selection (including RFP development)
  • Research provider selection (including RFP development)
  • Manager monitoring
  • Incorporation of ESG issues in asset allocation
  • Communication & reporting (e.g. UN PRI reporting)

Services for asset managers

  • Training and awareness raising
  • SRI policy & strategy development (incl refining existing investment processes)
  • Implementation support
  • Communication & reporting (e.g. UN PRI reporting)
  • Investment strategy development

Services for companies

  • Management
    • CSR / SD strategy and execution
  • SRI / ESG communications
    • Strategy (includes planning, peer benchmarking etc)
    • Message development
    • Investor and analyst identification
    • Investor perception studies
    • Roadshow / conference organisation
    • Webinar hosting
    • Training
  • Disclosure
    • Data collection
    • Public reporting
    • ESG ratings agency / index provider responses

Services for SRI/ESG research providers

  • Sales agency

Services for others

  • Market / value chain analysis
  • SRI research (sectors & issues)
  • SRI conferences
  • CG research
  • Collaborative engagement